Beach path from Spiez to Faulensee

Legs of the hike: Spiez, Regez parking area–Spiez Lido–Faulensee village

Hike from Spiez to Faulensee along this beach path by the shore of Lake Thun. Guaranteed: splendid sweeping views of the lake and mountains as you follow a route that is steeped in history.

Dating back over 100 years, the beach path is part of the Spiez circular hiking trail. Beside the blue waters of Lake Thun, the path takes you from Spiez to Faulensee village. 
Whether your passion is for stunning views, swimming or soccer, this path has plenty to delight you – and young would-be pirates will adore it too! 

The path takes you past a free-access lake bathing station called Schattenbad Spiez – and it lives up to its German name because it's a lovely, well-shaded spot. There are plenty of opportunities to benefit your health here: take a refreshing dip in Lake Thun, or try the Barefoot Adventure Trail that includes a balancing beam, water-treading and a barefoot "nature ladder". 

Or you can relive the "Spirit of Spiez" that was kindled here in 1954 at the time of the World Cup football competition. Back then, the beach path was even the focus of international attention. During the German national football team's stay at the Hotel Belvédère in Spiez, they built up their strength on the beach path – helping them to score a sensational victory in the World Cup: the "Miracle of Berne". 

Tiny tots will also be keen on this walk – especially when they discover the opportunity to be a pirate for a day! The "Piratenbucht" or Pirates' Bay playground in Faulensee is the perfect place for them to realize their ambition. Incidentally, the path is also suitable for pushchairs and prams.


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