Circular hike: Griesalp–Gamchi–Griesalp

Legs of the hike: Griesalp – Bundalp – Bundläger – Oberloch – Gamchi – Golderli – Griesalp

Circular hike from Griesalp with views of the Gamchi glacier and the Blüemlisalp massif. Prepare for an early highlight as your postbus makes its way up to Griesalp on the steepest route in the PostBus network.

This varied circular hike takes you across lush Alpine meadows, along narrow mountain paths and over broad stretches of scree.

The Griesalp Hotels are waiting for you as soon as you arrive in Griesalp after an adventurous Postbus journey. There are five adjacent hotels, plus the Rastpintli and Berghaus restaurants and the “Rocky Grieshouse” self-service restaurant. Treat yourself to some refreshments before setting off on your circular hike. 

From the “Griesalp, Kurhaus” PostBus stop, you can reach the “Oberi” Bundalp via the “Underi” Bundalp. Here at the Berghaus Bundalp mountain lodge you can indulge in down-to-earth food, mostly made from products grown on its own farm. With its alpine cheese dairy open to visitors, the lodge is part of the alpine educational trail.

From there, you pass through Bundläger to Oberloch, where you are greeted with a superb vista of the vast basin of the Gamchi glacier. You have an unobstructed view of the Gamchi glacier and, beyond it, the sharp outline of the Gamchilücke – the gap between the Gspaltenhorn and the Blüemlisalp massif.

Then you head out of the valley to the Gamchibach stream, from where you make your way back to Griesalp via Golderli. There is a hard surface for a short section of the route, but otherwise you walk along a natural path through virtually intact landscapes.

The highlights of this circular hike are the Gamchi glacier and the view of the Gspaltenhorn with the Blüemlisalp massif. 

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Timetable 31.220 Reichenbach im Kandertal–Kiental–Griesalp (Route Kiental–Griesalp)


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