Hike to the Hostalde suspension bridge near Frutigen

Legs of the hike: Frutigen – Gand barbecue area – Hostalde – suspension bridge – Granti – Büelen - Frutigen

Hike along the stunning Wooden Sculpture Trail from Frutigen to the Hostalde suspension bridge, and walk back along the other side of the river.

The Hostalde bridge is probably one of Europe's most spectacular pedestrian suspension bridges. It spans a mountain stream – the Engstlige – and the surrounding wetlands. The easiest option to walk to the Hostalde suspension bridge and back is to follow the Wooden Sculpture Trail. From Frutigen, take the path along the bank of the Engstlige stream. Along the way, you'll discover countless wooden sculptures and natural artefacts created by Johann Inniger, the local woodcarver and sculptor. Children will enjoy the attractive play areas beside the mountain stream. Just before you reach the bridge, there is a steep climb that brings you to the suspension bridge itself, 38 meters high and 153 meters long. 

Located on the other side of the valley are the Hängebrügg-Beizli inn and the home of the Wäfler family. They were responsible for building the bridge, because they wanted their children to have a shorter and safer walk to school. The little “Beizli” inn delights hikers with meat and cheese dishes, fondue and homemade cakes.

After stopping for a bite to eat here, you can either stay on the Wooden Sculpture Trail or take the route via Tellenburg. This option offers plenty of historic interest: Tellenburg has an awe-inspiring ruined castle dating from the 13th century.

The highlights of this hike are the Hostalde suspension bridge and the Hängebrügg-Beizli inn. 

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