Hiking tour from Niederhorn to Habkern

Stages of the hiking tour: Niederhorn–Burgfeldstand–Gemmenalphorn–Habkern

Discover Beatenberg’s local mountain and hike from the Niederhorn to the Gemmenalphorn and on to Habkern.

This mountain trail leads you through a truly magnificent scenery where rocky fields and a mystical moorland landscape alternate. While hiking, you keep looking across to the Bernese Oberland ice giants and to the round crescent (also known as Sichelpass) - the Justis valley - between the Burst and the Seven Stallions.

The hiking trail takes you from the Niederhorn to the Gemmenalphorn and ends in Habkern. If you are lucky, you may spot ibex, eagles, bearded vultures, foxes, chamois or deer.

The highlight of this hike is the view into the Justis valley between the Burst and the Seven Stallions.


3.45 hrs.


+ 272 m / - 1126 m

Difference in altitude

307 m

Level of difficulty

Intermediate, but only suitable for experienced hikers (steep downhill sections)


June to October


With PostBus route 106 to Beatenberg, Station. From there, continue with the Niederhorn cable car to the Niederhorn.


With PostBus route 106 from Habkern to Interlaken West, Bahnhof.


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Timetable: 31.106 Interlaken West–Habkern

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