Lützelflüh–Moosegg Route

Lützelflüh/Moosegg Hotel–Arni–Biglen

The Lützelflüh–Moosegg Route will take you up high. On either of the two options of this route, from Lützelflüh via Arni to Biglen or from Moosegg to Biglen, you will experience the magnificent scenery of the Emmental Valley and enjoy beautiful views.

The Lützelflüh–Moosegg Route takes you either from the village of Lützelflüh or from Moosegg to Arni and on to Biglen. A fountain, a memorial, a museum, and not least Gotthelf’s final resting place in Lützelflüh serve as reminders of the poet who worked there for many years (PostBus stop Lützelflüh-Goldbach, Railway Station). At the glass workshop you will have a chance to test your glassblowing skills. A nature educational path leads from Lützelflüh to Rüegsauschachen and to the ruins of Brandis Castle. You can get to Zollbrück along an agricultural and forestry educational path. On your walk up to Lüderenalp you will be treated to the most gorgeous views. If you enjoy swimming, you will really have fun in the saltwater, indoor or outdoor pool in Lützelflüh. Another starting point of this route is Moosegg (PostBus stop Moosegg, Hotel). The views from the terrace of Hotel-Restaurant Moosegg will take your breath away. Moosegg can be reached on various different hiking and mountain biking trails. The hike from Biglen via Moosegg to Lützelflüh is highly recommended. Every summer, Moosegg is the site of Switzerland’s highest altitude outdoor theater, a very special cultural highlight. From there the post bus continues to Arni where a visit to the village dairy should not be missed. You can even try your hand at making cheese (PostBus stop Arni BE, Village). The dairy is part of the “Cheese Road” dedicated to Emmental’s cheese-making history.


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