Lake Gelmer circular hike

Legs of the circular hike: Handegg–Lake Gelmer–Chüenzentennlen–Handegg Stäfelti–Säumerstein–Widmannshöhe–Handegg

Hike all the way round lovely Lake Gelmer in the Bernese Oberland. You'll experience the greatest thrill as you ride up to the starting point: the Gelmer funicular carries you from Handegg up to Lake Gelmer at a gradient of 106%!

Take a deep breath, because this hike starts with a ride on Europe's steepest open-top funicular railway: the Gelmerbahn. It has to overcome a gradient of 106% as it climbs from Handegg to Lake Gelmer. All along the circular route around the lake, you'll enjoy fascinating glimpses into the mountain world of the Grimsel area. Mountain streams and gigantic slabs of rock tempt you to tarry as you make your way along the lake shore. After you have walked all round the lake, the hike continues to Kunzentännlein. To return to your starting point, follow the old muleteers' trail. 

The highlights of this circular hike are the spectacular mountain ascent on the Gelmer funicular and the views of the turquoise waters of Lake Gelmer.


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