Lake Lauenen Route


The lovely Lauenensee lake is located in a nature reserve and bids an ideal excursion point for hikers, bikers, nature lovers and the romantic.

The postbus will take you from Gstaad to the Lauenen lake, the starting point for numerous leisure activities. Enjoy either a beautiful circular walk around the lake with a refreshing dip in the cool water, a circular walk to the Geltenhütte or rent a rowing boat on site. The highlight for every romantic is a nostalgic horse-drawn carriage ride around the lake with the Kutscherei Reichenbach.

Thanks to the bike racks, bikers can have PostBus transport their bikes - and then leisurely pedal their way around the lake having completed the uphill ride from Lauenen to the lovely Lauenensee lake. The tour down along the bike path stops just short of Tromsäge before leading over a hill and back to Gstaad.

At the restaurant Lauenensee you can treat yourself to refreshments after your activity and enjoy the fantastic view of the Tungel waterfall.  

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Timetable 12.181 Gstaad–Lauenen–Lauenensee (route 181)


For Groups of ten and more people, seat reservations are a must! Tel. 0848 100 222

Reservations are not taken for individual travellers (1-9 people).

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Route not open all year
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Limited number of seats. Reservation for bicycle transport required before 16.00 h on the day before by calling 0848 100 222

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