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Mariastein (St. Mary in the Rock) is known as a place of pilgrimage and Shrine of Our Lady, located in the border triangle region and dating back to the 14th century. Legend has it that a child fell from a precipice here and was rescued by the Virgin Mary.

Mariastein is the second most popular place of pilgrimage in Switzerland after Einsiedeln. Visitors from far and wide, as well as many pilgrims, culture lovers and those seeking peace and tranquillity, make the journey to this holy place. According to legend, this is the very place where a child fell from the cliff and was saved from certain death by the intervention of the Virgin Mary.

The place of Grace “im Stein” (“in the rock“) was first documented in 1434. The main focus of the pilgrimage is an underground cave – now a chapel – containing a miraculous image of the smiling Madonna. The Abbey with its Baroque pilgrimage and monastery church sits on the famous cliff.

Combine your visit to the Benedictine monastery with a pleasurable hike around Mariastein:

5th Solothurn forest hike – four routes around Mariastein

The forest hike takes you around the Mariastein Convent on four routes. Panels along the routes inform hikers about the connections between the images of the forest and the local characteristics such as the soil and climate. The forest images, landscapes and historical sights can be discovered on sub-routes.The Mariastein Convent is the focus and departure point.

  • Mariastein-Flüh sub-route: 10.5 km
  • Mariastein-Metzerlen sub-route: 16 km
  • Hofstetten sub-route: 13 km
  • Rodersdorf-Burg i.L sub-route: 17 km

Information about the entire series of forest hikes available (in german).

Information about the forest in Canton Solothurn (in german).


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