Salhöhe Route


Through the Basel countryside and the Solothurn region, the Salhöhe Route takes you from Gelterkinden to Salhöhe Pass past shady forests and mystical castle ruins.

The Salhöhe Route takes you from Gelterkinden through the beautiful scenery of the Jura region with hidden castle ruins up to Salhöhe Pass. Gelterkinden is nestled between the wooded hills of the Ergolz Valley, not far from the remains of Scheidegg Castle. The ruins of Farnsburg Castle are outside Ormalingen. The ornaments on the buildings of Hemmiken bear witness to the long-practiced art of stone cutting in this village (PostBus stop Hemmiken, Village). In Rothenfluh you will find a number of historic buildings, the parish house, for example, or the Speicherhaus (granary) (PostBus stop Rothenfluh, Hirschengasse). An old boundary stone bearing the coats of arms of Habsburg and Basel once marked the border with Austria until the year 1803. Be sure to go to Rote Fluh to see the prehistoric sun calendar. The Talweiher nature preserve near Anwil, with a large pond and surrounding wetlands, is home to rare marsh plants and amphibian species (PostBus stop Rothenfluh, Talweiher). In the area of Kienberg village, the ruins of Alt-Kienberg and Heidegg are waiting to be discovered. The sinkholes above the old gypsum pit are also worth seeing (PostBus stop Kienberg, Hirschen). On Salhöhe Pass on the border between Canton Solothurn and Canton Aargau, a stunning view opens up across the hills of the Aargau Jura (PostBus stop Kienberg, Salhöhe). The Salhöhe restaurant will take care of your creature comforts.


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