Schwarzbubenland Castle Hike

This hike is split into a course of individual hikes over multiple days as you progress from one castle to the next. The medieval route takes you past 30 impressive castles, ruins and sites. Journey legs: Münchenstein, Dornach, Nuglar, Nunningen, Passwang, Meltingen, Erschwil, Liesberg, Büsserach, Grellingen, Aesch, Hofstetten, Rodersdorf, Kleinlützel, Laufen

This castle hike takes 14 days in total and can be split up into a series of day hikes from Münchenstein to Laufen through the districts of Birseck, Dorneck and Thierstein (Schwarzbubenland) and from Laufental to France. Each walk is served by public transport connections, and accommodation is available at the start and end points of each individual leg. This historic route takes you from inhabited castles, to castle ruins and on to unexplored castles sites. The region's castles are all described in a hiking book, and old sketches or drawings show how the castles used to look in medieval times. Further reading, maps and suggestions for refreshment stops can be found on the website:

Have fun hiking and exploring.

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