Solarbob in Langenbruck BL

The lift which transports the toboggans (bobs) up the mountain is powered by solar energy. Once at the top, you remain in your toboggan for the exhilarating ride down the mountain and back to the start. The run covers a distance of over 1,000 metres.

Solarbob – tobogganing fun all year round

You will encounter eight steep walled bends, three dips, a tunnel and a straight stretch with a speed trap, before speeding through a 540-degree spiral section that is unique in Europe. You can control your speed by operating a lever and choosing whether to slow down or simply coast along. In fine weather, the toboggan run is also open in the winter. You can check the weather conditions in Langenbruck via webcam from the comfort of your own home.


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Deinkick Langenbruck
Hauptstrasse 1
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+41 62 390 03 03