Stechelberg circular hike

Legs of the circular hike: Stechelberg – Trachsellauenen – Bergwerk (mine) – Berggasthaus Tschingelhorn – Berghotel Obersteinberg and back

Visit the romantic Lauterbrunnen Valley and one of the most spectacular waterfalls, the Schmadribachfall.

The Lauterbrunnen Valley, which in the 19th century epitomized Alpine romanticism, is still breathtakingly beautiful today. In addition to waterfalls, the upper Lauterbrunnen Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, invites you to enjoy and marvel at Alpine farming, geology and places of power. 

After the ascent to Obersteinberg, the winding trail continues through a mountain forest and flower meadows to Berggasthaus Tschingelhorn. Shortly thereafter, you reach Berggasthaus Obersteinberg with its spectacular backdrop of waterfalls, mountain streams and glaciers. To enjoy the magnificent setting for a while longer, spend the night at this nostalgic, cosy mountain inn: There is no electricity, candles are used for lighting – just like old times. 


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